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Re: A study in facts : Reply to Manoj Padki

Mr Manoj,

I am quite certain that cumulative wisdom will most of the time Arrive
at correct solution.

What I object to is the Language to be used in this debate. I doubt if
there are any children engaged in this debate. All have to observe a
decency of language. Otherwise, these pages will degenerate into a
slanging match.

This is a one-way street - some people can post anything they like but
the postings of others is "censored" - you can read the reply of Mr
to verify this.

Note from Moderator: 

Here is the format that I am using for screening mails - 

1) If a posting is a response to any specific individual in the group but
does NOT add value to the debate, then that mail is directed to only that
individual. A note will be send to the originator stating that the message
is send to that particular individual.

2) If a posting is irrelevant to the debate - a note is send back to the
originator stating my inability to post it unless the relevance to IPI is
pointed out to me. 

3) If IMO, the objective of the posting is clearly to insinuate someone
rather than to promote the debate - a not is send back asking the
originator to be more specific about the issues that he is attempting to
highlight and resend the mail. 

If it is felt that this  format is inappropriate/ ineffective, please send
me your comments at antonyj@tm.net.my


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