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Re: Kashmir

Consider the cost India is having to pay because of this. This includes:
1)The Rupees being spent on maintaining military in Kashmir
2)The Rupees spent on development and testing of nuclear bombs, which
could very well have been used for more useful purposes that would
bring India to the economic forefront.
3)The military and civilian people that die daily on the border, and
the ex-gratia the Government pays for the families of the ones who die.
4)The world's economic sanctions and their effects on India
economically and on the technological exchange with countries like USA.
5)This feeling in foreign investors mind that there is instability in
India and that war between India and Pakistan can break out any time.
 ......and many many more

Isn't the root cause of all this the border conflict and don't you
think we need to resolve this ASAP, so that India can concentrate on
things that are more important for her development? Is it justified to
put India's present and future on stake just on the pretext that there
is a future possibility that the masses in POK might want to join

If in 30 years time Pakistan ceases to exist, India can see it from
there. And if India improves economically, it might see it with a
different angle, it very well might not even want to have an unstable
POK as a part of bharatbhoomi.

In conclusion,I think we need to get over with the Kashmir thing as
soon as possible. We need to put it behind us, and look right ahead
into the future.


You wrote:

> Despite current realities which seem hopeless but could change
> the Berlin Wall?), we cannot and should not accept the Line of
> as the defacto boundary because no matter how people on the other
> feel, it is still Bharatbhumi and we can't forget that. What if
> decided that it wasn't worth it to bring the South back into the
> simply because people there didn't want it. I don't share the
> about not getting back the PoK because in 30 years time there might
> even be a Pakistan for PoK to be a part of. Pakistan today is a state 
> crumbling in slow motion. If I were the GOI, I would not be in a
> for a settlement. Time is on India's side on this one.  

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