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Re: A study in facts

Once again, we encounter empowered government vs. untrustworthy 
government. The free market premise or its counterpoint fits in this 
almost as a parallel. On the one hand, we have those who do not trust 
the government and see the solution in not having to trust it in the 
first place. Simply free all economic enterprise and that will keep the 
government at arm's length. On the other hand, there are those who see 
that free enterprise, in recent decades, tends to leave some sections of 
the population behind while others progress rapidly, and find government 
moderation to be the answer to reducing this disparity. 

The answer probably lies somewhere in between. I encourage that we try 
to develop a position where the basis for not trusting government lies, 
and try to build systems to avoid that, but other than that we still 
repose some faith in government as a facilitator of the things that meet 
some collective definition of "good". In very crude language, this might 
mean "socialism as administered by capitalists"!

Regards, and sorry about the patchy participation. Will try to be around 


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