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We have one moderator!

Our newly joined friend, Vamsi Musunuru, has volunteered to be a
moderator. He has views which match very closely with many on this
group. I hope he will let us know in due course how his views were
formed and what he thinks on various policies that are being framed
here. We are here as citizens, talking to each other, and we must be
frank and forthright. The ultimate goal is to get to the truth about
India's problems (mess) and to blow away this mess, leaving a clean and
high quality surface behind on which super-rapid economic growth and
human freedom can flourish.

We are collecting a list of moderators in order to keep IPI going
smoothly, and in order to facilitate its splitting up into 3 groups
(economic, governance, social) from January. Once 9 moderators are
found, we will form these 3 lists and close down this general list (or
it might remain, just for administrative messages).

Each moderator will moderate for 1 month. The details of the task will
be sent to you. The time required is not very much. About 2-3 hours a
week. Wanted: 8 more Moderators. Please send in your willingness. We are
132 of us now (actually 135). Let us get to work.

We are also looking for people who wish to help in the management of
this effort in various capacities. There is a separate mailing list for
the Management Council. Please raise your hands if you want to be
involved in this management of this effort. I think people like Vinay
who have made suggestions from time to time, should come forward. 

Thanks, Vamsi, once again!


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 17:00:54 +0000
From: Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com>


    My name is Vamsi Musunuru and hear that you are looking for
moderators.  I would like to volunteer...  I thought I should give you a
brief background about myself. I believe that India is hostage to an
oppressive government.  We hear that there is enormous potential but
many don't realize that this potential is slowly but surely being
depleted by an overbearing system. I believe that all Indians should be
ashamed of the Indian Government for the following reasons:

  1. It is incapable of protecting Indian Citizens in a major war.  To
     me this is an embarrassing Government.  What is even more
     depressing is that the Indian Government is far more efficient at
     oppressing its own citizens than combating any outside forces.
     That is, the Government is not for the people!!  It will bully
     those that is supposed to uphold.

  2. It is the root cause for all Economic problems.  The Economy is the
     bread and butter of all people within a Country and our Government
     has done everything to undermine our prosperity.  The Government
     has become a self-serving institution that has conveniently
     established monopolies like VSNL and DoT that make money not by
     offering the best services in the World but by fleecing the Indian
     Citizen.  The founding fathers of Indian have never envisioned such
     an oppressive and self-serving entity!!  The Government can only
     earn its revenue through income taxation.  No license fees and
     charges as this takes valuable capital resources away from

  3. The third reason why we should be embarrassed by the Government of
     India is that it does absolutely nothing to promote research and
     growth.  I can think of many instances where the US Government has
     funded the research of Diode, Transistor, and even the Internet
     which have created 1000s of companies and Jobs but I cannot think
     of many contributions from the Indian Government.  The US is on the
     verge of Space Exploration but in India we are grinding to halt,
     over-burdened by fodder scams, etc.  I do give the Government a
     role in research and it should fund growth oriented exploration and
     make the results available to the Indian Industry free of cost.

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