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"Topic of the week"

Antony sent in this comment from Ritu:

"I am forwarding Ritu' mail.  Can someone explain why we dropped this
practice? Antony."

> My mail contains nothing that would indicate what is the topic of the 
> week.Could somebody kindly let me know?                                  
> Regards,                                                               
> Ritu


Puneet had started this excellent idea based on Arvind's intervention/
systematization of the debates. So far this was done manually by Puneet
while he was moderator.

But the idea is an excellent one and we can 'institutionalize' it. It is
pretty simple to do that.

I would request the Debate Coordinators send in the topic of the week to
me each Thursday/ Friday. Then, Mr. Majordomo can be made to generate an
auto-header on the topic of the week.

Vinay's suggestions on the systematization of the Subject header are
being considered. Unfortunately, no technical solution to that has been
found yet. Right now, that suggestion will require more manual work by
the Moderator; that might not be feasible.

Also: Just to let you know: I have not received any responses to the
request for volunteers to moderate the debates. Hence, I am not going to
split up this list into 3 by December-end. We need 9 people to
volunteer. We have none. That means that we are not ready for doing
anything ourselves as citizens of India, and we are still dependent on
the Gods to come down and help us out. The USA was made a great nation
by the huge social participation of its people in such endeavours (cf.
documentation of Tocqueville + what I see around me here; there are
hundreds of bodies like IPI in this country). India has been made such a
terrible nation by the LACK of participation of its citizens in their
own governance. We get the economy and the goverance we deserve. Period.

Gods only help those who help themselves. We are not aware of that basic



(Please note: right now I am unable to spend time to dig into the
archives and figure out the topic. The Debate coordinators may pl. do
that and let me know each Thursday/ Friday, so that the new topic header
can be put up.)

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