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Re: A study in facts

Dear Sanjeev:
I have been waiting for the right opportunity to shed my inertia and
inject myself into the IP Dialog.
Following up on your communications with Vinay has set my adrenalin

I completely agree with your implied msg that embracing the Soviet brand
of socialism by a mesmerized Nehru (and, along with it, also its version
of nihilistic secularism) started off Independent India on a wrong foot.
Although perhaps unintended at the outset, it engendered a national
psyche, even ethos, of state-parasitism on the one hand, and exploitative
licence-raj corrupt mentality on the other. Besides, it was completely
antithetical to cultivating a national spirit of entrepreneurship and
self-reliance. Even granting that some degree of central planning,
direction and contol were necessary in the early  stages of national
economic resurgence, the implications of soviet-style ruthless and
autocratic planning were clearly not thought out or examined, and instead
a dogmatic adherence to the creed of socialism was foisted upon the
nation and turned into a virtue
by Nehru's political charisma.

Even though Nehru was one of the giant personalities in his day and time
and a genuine nationalist, we definitely need a bit of de-nehruization to
see and examine his mistakes in clear daylight. Only then can India as a
nation can move forward and find her strength.
Vijay Ashar
On Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:51:32 -0800 (PST) Sanjeev Sabhlok
<sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> writes:
>vinay said
>"Was your father robbed or mobbed there on the street ? Did anyone aim 
>bullet at him ? What do you call mafia-baazi ? I have roamed the 
>streets at 12 O'clock at night and no one bothered me."

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