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Re: Kashmir

How about making the Line of Control as the boundary?
After all, we can never get "Pak Occupied Kashmir".
Let us settle for what we have. Instead of pretending
that it is the Line of Control when it is actually the 
border, why not call a spade a spade? The people on the
other side do not want to join us. Let them go. At 
least let us have peace.

Despite current realities which seem hopeless but could change (Remember 
the Berlin Wall?), we cannot and should not accept the Line of Control 
as the defacto boundary because no matter how people on the other side 
feel, it is still Bharatbhumi and we can't forget that. What if Lincoln 
decided that it wasn't worth it to bring the South back into the Union 
simply because people there didn't want it. I don't share the pessimism 
about not getting back the PoK because in 30 years time there might not 
even be a Pakistan for PoK to be a part of. Pakistan today is a state 
crumbling in slow motion. If I were the GOI, I would not be in a hurry 
for a settlement. Time is on India's side on this one.  

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