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Re: Keynes/Depressions etc

Mr. Yazad,

Kindly NOTE  that I am NOT giving my prescriptions - I only state what
Keynes advocates.

It pays to read the thread of debate before firing replies. Please read
the message to which I had replied - I have named the person in the
subject line - and then make your comments. Else you can make
Independent replies - it does not detract from the message that you
intend to send and spares me or any other person in similar place from
the obligation to reply.


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From: Yazad Jal <yazad@usa.net>
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Date: 13 November, 1998 11:12 AM
Subject: Keynes/Depressions etc

>Replying to Vinay Chandekar
>> I read Keynes defferently. He believed in State spending during
>> depressions/downturns. 

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