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Re: Can anyone plan this?

Vinay wrote: 

> What should be done is to work out the feasibility of the project and
> present it to Govt. Even ask them for what reason the high fee is
> charged if it is indeed high (which will be known after taking all
> factors into consideration.
> Send me the Report on the full project and - nuts and bolts - and we
> will see what can be done.
> V.

Why should I? What business should the government have if I decide to 
start a company? I'm tired of the government meddling in everything I 
do. Why on earth should I have to submit them a report? What business
is it of the government and why should I give them any money other than
the taxes from my earnings? Any business I start is between the 
customers and me and the government should not interfere. Only if I 
breach a contract with the customer should the law step in - and in 
that case, it would be the judiciary, not the legislative arm.

This interfering mentality in India is what is stifling us.


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