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Re: A study in facts

Dear SS,

Your (& my) responses to Vinay's posts have degenerated into a "He said ..
she said" argument. I suspect it is to be properly understood as a matter
world-view. You & I are for a system of "free-market, free minds", within
the context of a limited government that enforces contracts between
(broadly speaking). Vinay is evidently for a much more socialistic govt.
with broad powers to "manage" the economy, and all he wants is strong &
leaders to make the govt. work ("Rama-rajya").

You & I believe that having a govt. manage the economy is an open
to corruption, economic stagnation and a trampling of human rights. Also
that such a system AUTOMATICALLY invites ruthless dictators into power
(Stalin, Castro, dictators in Vietnam, North Korea, East Germany) who have
no checks & balances on their power.

I believe I have summarized the world-views correctly. Given these views, I
think it is sheer folly to continue answering Vinay's msgs, which is why I
am going to desist (unless it is relevant to the current debate on IP).

- manoj

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