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A "report card" on India!

My sister Rashmi (from Delhi) just send in a e-mail; out of which one
para was rather interesting; thought I'd share with others:

"In India life goes on. Our pack of politicians have run out of ideas on
winning over the public - which they know is thoroughly disgrunted -
what with gun toting criminals, illiterate housewives (running their
kitchen "cabinets"), filmstars, surviving dynasty members (with nothing
to their credit), do-gooders who are too old to have any impact,
indisciplined and incapable lots in all parties. So we have rumours of
salt shortages, balloons in the shape of onions flown in the air (to
highlight the chief electoral platform for consideration), character
assassination with no proof, etc. Some one up their is still holding up
this country!"

I do believe that this feeling is rampant and universal in India.
Correct me if I am wrong. 

This is the demand we are tapping into on IPI. 

That is one reason why IPI is one heck of a successful project. We are
getting about 10000 hits per month (with about 1,000 independent hosts
checking out IPI each month and some people hitting us at more than 200
times a month), and we have just started.

We have all the attention of India now as our 8th month of existence
begins. And we will talk our way, together, into understanding what is
best for us. We have a long way to go, but the start has been excellent
by any standards. 

I envisage that we all, together, on IPI will change India because IPI
will become India's #1 People's Forum to write good policy.

If anyone reading this has not subscribed to IPI, please do so. Your
voice is welcome. Each and everyone is welcome.


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