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Re: Indian nationality & nationalism

Sir, you have written an interesting piece of article here. I very much 
agree with your view that it should be the Indians who plan their 
government and not foreign consultants. They are more of hit and run 
visitors in my view. But I certainly do not agree with the view that 
first or second generation Indians should be welcomed back freely.I go 
to school at Boston and have friends who belong in this group and have 
no interest whatsoever in India or its present condition. Then how is 
one to argue that these people should be invited back to India even if 
they don't care about the country. In my view the only thing similar 
between true Indians and the first or 2nd generation Indians is that we 
look like Indians. It may be an extreme view but in my experience this 
is what I have come to believe. India should be planned and run by only 
Indians who are true to the heart and have a genuine interest in running 
the country. And not by people who just come on a vacation trip 
flaunting their money and complaining about every damn thing about 
India. These are people who could be equated to foreign consultants who 
help plan govt. policy, only that they present suggestions that could be 
certainly used. 
Your reaction to this note would be most welcome.
>We may congratulate everyone perhaps whose work requires so much =
>international travel that he or she finds the Indian passport a =
>liability.   In 1995, I was told by a close collaborator of Professor =
>Jagdish Bhagwati, among economists formerly of Indian nationality, that 
>he too had given up his Indian nationality apparently for similar =
>reasons.  Many others in the USA and elsewhere gave up Indian =
>nationality for such or other job-related purposes, such as getting =
>security clearances for defence sector jobs

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