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Re: Kashmir

The problem here is that not only are we presently laying claim to PoK
but also Pakistan lays claim to the two-thirds of Kashmir that we 
control. Recently, GOI tried to set up a boundary fence on the LoC in
order to check infiltration of terrorists (or freedom-fighters as the 
Paks call them) but Pakistan raised such a hue and cry over it saying
that it was disputed territory and that we couldn't put up a barrier.
They also resorted to firing and shelling whenever we tried to raise
a fence.

Any solutions?

By the way, for those of you who are pro D-C, GOI recently announced 
plans to implement the same. Hopefully this will not open up doors for
criminals to enter freely. We already have plenty of criminals in our
country and don't need any more. However, it would help the academic
and business community greatly. I personally feel that if India was
made a developed country, then D-C wouldn't be an issue since an Indian
Passport would no longer be a liability. So the effort should be
making India strong and prosperous and not debating whether we should 
allow D-C or not.

For the record: personally I'm against D-C for reasons already 


---Arvind Kumar <arvind.kumar@rocketmail.com> wrote:
> How about making the Line of Control as the boundary?
> After all, we can never get "Pak Occupied Kashmir".
> Let us settle for what we have. Instead of pretending
> that it is the Line of Control when it is actually the 
> border, why not call a spade a spade? The people on the
> other side do not want to join us. Let them go. At 
> least let us have peace.
> -Arvind

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