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Re: Kashmir

     How do we know that the people on the other side do not want to join 
     "us"?  What would happen if there was to be free trade between India 
     and Pakistan and also freedom of movement between the two countries?  
     I would guess that far more would want to settle in India than in 
     Pakistan, which is an economic as well as political disaster zone.  
     Every Pakistani I know feels sad at the lack of success of Pakistan 
     compared to the success of India (though we are of course not at all 
     successful economically when compared to many other countries east of 
     us).  I would not be surprised if the situation was the same in 
     Pak-held Kashmir.  Most Kashmiris I know want an independent country, 
     at present, not integration into either India or Pakistan.  If we were

     able to have free trade and a mutual non-agression treaty which was 
     believed and trusted by everyone concerned, then I think that would 
     help Pakistan to be more successful and stop some of the unnecessary 
     spending of money on defence-related things in relation to Pakistan 
     (China is the real threat, not Pakistan, so I would continue 
     defence-related spending in connection with that, till the 
     socio-political situation there changes).  It would also help 
     Kashmiris to stop their fantasising about having their own country, as

     they would then belong to at least a trade confederation covering 
     India and Pakistan including Kashmir on both sides (consider the 
     somewhat parallel situation in Northern Ireland, where the minority 
     Catholic population waged a determined and violent "liberation 
     struggle" till the coming into being of the European Union (combined 
     of course with pressure from their funders from the USA) seems to have

     finally stopped this nonsense).
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Subject: Kashmir
Author:  arvind.kumar (arvind.kumar@rocketmail.com) at nyuxuu
Date:    12.11.98 04:12

How about making the Line of Control as the boundary? 
After all, we can never get "Pak Occupied Kashmir". 
Let us settle for what we have. Instead of pretending 
that it is the Line of Control when it is actually the 
border, why not call a spade a spade? The people on the 
other side do not want to join us. Let them go. At 
least let us have peace.

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