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Re: Can anyone plan this?


Just a couple of days ago there was a very lengthy article in one of the
International newspapers, (I can't temember which one, I read several)
that the Internet fees are high in SEA nations because of the
exhorbitant fees they have to pay for the connection to US. It was also
remarked that there is a 30% return traffic for which "US" customers do
not pay although the US companies do make a gain out of this transaction
in the form of new orders etc.
It was remarked that new and additional communication cables are being
laid which will bring down the cost in near future.

>From the above, I understand that the country from which the traffic
arises has to "guarantee" the payment to foreign agencies and this
country in return demands this from the sevice-provider. Naturally, you
can't expect the Govt. to pay this money which is ultimately Tax Payer's
money, from their pocket in case the ISP company fails for whatever

Rs. 2 crores means US$ 500,000.

What should be done is to work out the feasibility of the project and
present it to Govt. Even ask them for what reason the high fee is being
charged if it is indeed high (which will be known after taking all
factors into consideration.

Send me the Report on the full project and - nuts and bolts - and we
will see what can be done.


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