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Re: Anyone game?

Where's the money? 

Note from Antony:

This was part of my retirement plans - to teach public policy  to aspiring
politicians. Even though it is still early, I'll be part of any initiative
in that direction.



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> Date: Wednesday, November 11, 1998 10:45
> Subject: Anyone game?
>Just came across www.gopac.org, the web site of The Education and
>Training Center for Renewing America.
>This is a great concept. A place where the Republican Party of USA
>recruits and trains people for public office. When we want to produce a
>people's manifesto we should also think of setting up a training
>institute for people who are interested in public office. That is what
>professionalism is all about and what we keep on decrying its absence in
>our public life.
>I will try to get in touch with the GOPAC guys and see how they run
>their institute. Much of it appears to be on the web and we can easily
>start working on that part.
 >If any of you wishes to help set up such an general public office
 >training institute where people will be trained on the principles of
 >governance, economics and social change, on the lines of the People's
 >manifesto, then please write to me. Maybe we should start such a thing
 >simultaneously so that the folks who go out of that institute can help
 >bring about the desired change.
 >Awaiting personal feedback from those who wish to help bring
 >professionalism into Indian public life instead of simply crying about
 >its absence.

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