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Re: Can anyone plan this? Reply to Manoj.

You wrote :

" Your heart also does not beat in an orderly manner, until it is dead.
Let markets live."

"Is that really the primary function of the "market"? So can I go and
complain about how I can not buy a Boeing jet?"

Dear Manoj.

May be you are seeking explanation from SS, so it is only with your
permission that I seek to interject here and take some more of your time
to point out some of the anamolies in your statements.

Let the markets live but let them not strangle the weaker participants.

There does seem to be big gap in our thinking : when I say consumables,
I mean BREAD, when you use the word, you mean a Boeing Jet. I think, the
Boeing ought to be classified in Durable goods.

Another example ? Carrots and Caviar. Although caviar is not a durable
goods, it would be something of a surprise to see it counted as a
consumable goods - it ought to go in the Luxury goods category.

Hope I have been able to clarify the concept.


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