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Re: Can anyone plan this?

 In an earlier mail you said that I am free to start  any business. Please
take this as a common answer to  that statement as well as the above one.
According to the IT policy released 4-5 days back,  private ISPs now have
no license fee! Isn't that great?  You just have to pay a bank guarantee of
Rs. 2 crores  and you can start your own ISP. Will you please tell  me
where I am to go for that kind of money? Why in the  world should I be
charged for providing a service  and generating jobs? Now, what is the
government  telling me? Don't do any business. Be idle. We do NOT  need
your expertise. Had they allowed me, I would have  provided a service which
charges just Rs.100 per month  for UNLIMITED access. My company would have
been   vastly superior to VSNL in terms of service provided.  It is the
same story in many other sectors where I  could have started a business but
am unable to do so  because the Government wants money which I do not have.
 Why penalise me for contributing to the productivity.

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