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Re: state/center division of powers, was:Shut down Excise

My premise is that power and distance are inversely proportional. The
further the seat of power is from you, the less influence you have. That is
why I would like to have the Centre with a lot less power, and the states &
localities much more.

>     The division of tasks/responsibilities/powers between Centre and
>     States is already clearly specified in the Indian Constitution.
>     If you wish to change this, please start with an understanding of the
>     status quo and of a list of reasons why it makes sense to change.

Again, the more bureaucracy you put between the flow of taxes, the more
"wastage" of resources & more corruption. Currently you send money to
which then sends a fraction back to you. I'd sooner devise a system of
income tax, & put a cap on central income tax. I cannot think of a better

- manoj

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