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Anyone game?

Just came across www.gopac.org, the web site of The Education and
Training Center for Renewing America.

This is a great concept. A place where the Republican Party of USA
recruits and trains people for public office. When we want to produce a
people's manifesto we should also think of setting up a training
institute for people who are interested in public office. That is what
professionalism is all about and what we keep on decrying its absence in
our public life.

I will try to get in touch with the GOPAC guys and see how they run
their institute. Much of it appears to be on the web and we can easily
start working on that part.

If any of you wishes to help set up such an general public office
training institute where people will be trained on the principles of
governance, economics and social change, on the lines of the People's
manifesto, then please write to me. Maybe we should start such a thing
simultaneously so that the folks who go out of that institute can help
bring about the desired change.

Awaiting personal feedback from those who wish to help bring
professionalism into Indian public life instead of simply crying about
its absence.


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