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Admn: transfer of moderation

Well, Puneet is taking rest and after intervening in the moderation for
a couple of days, I am reverting to my books for a while (will keep
checking the archives every 2-3 days). Antony has kindly consented to be
the new moderator for a couple of weeks. Hopefully by that time my key
tasks as a Ph.D. guy in the final year will be over and I'll be a free
bird again, ready to partake in this exercise and to help finalize the
first draft of the People's Manifesto! After all, my Ph.D. stuff is a
lot of painful work, while this stuff here is a lot of fun! And who
likes work anyway!

Well: Good luck, Antony!


(PS: This is the first time the moderation is moving to Asia (Malaysia).
USA had the first few rounds of moderation and then there was Israel.
When will folks from India come in to moderate? If you are interested,
please write to me and we'll make a waiting list of moderators so that I
don't have to keep requesting each month for the next moderator. 

More importantly, we need 9 moderators (one per month for each list) for
the 3 lists that we will split into in January, with the objective of
carrying out more detailed discussions for 3 months. We also need 3
debate coordinators, one each for (a) economic issues, (b) governance
issues and (c) social issues. Yoiur job will be to think and ensure that
we don't miss out any important point in our discussions and that we are
able to take all views into account while building a 'best policy'

If you think this is a worthwhile exercise then please send in your name
and I'll get these 3 lists created. If there is no response from you
guys then don't expect me to open 3 lists and to to the superhuman task
of either moderating 3 lists myself or of chasing people each week to
come forward as moderators. I am 1 you are 1. But together we are 11.

I believe in the laws of demand. If you demand, and are willing to put
in the effort to support that demand, then I will help meet the supply
by requesting Suresh Rajagopalan to help us all out. Else, we will all
let IPI peter away into one more lackadaisical effort where the typical
apathy of Indians botched up the great potential of India as a free
nation of free citizens. We have a challenge to meet in our lifetimes. I
was calculating that I have lived nearly 14235 days (and nights) on this
planet and have barely another 15,000 days left (give or take a few
thousand), with my personal stock of energy beginning to decline from
now on. On top of that, I have nothing to show for these thousand of
days lived on this planet. What a heck of waste of time. We can all do

Personally speaking, I don't think I will get one more lifetime to see
India transform into what it should be. My uncle felt we will get many
such opportunties. I've no evidence of that. So this is all we have
folks! Just a few thousand days, each, left on this planet. Each day we
go slow is one more day for one billion people which could have been
better. One billion mandays = 35,000 lifetimes. If we work together and
make India achieve its position at the top of the world even one day
earlier than it would have without our effort, our lifetimes would have
been worthwhile. Simple cost benefit!

In other words, let us try to crossover USA on the 31st of December,
2099 AD instead of on the 1st of Jan, 2100 AD. How does that sound?
Plausible target?

Citizenship is more than just holding opinions. It is doing something
about it. So don't just sit there and read this. Do it! Get going!!)

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