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Re: What is it that takes to be a leader?

While I share Vamsi's sentiments wholeheartedly, there are two
kinds of leadership. Newt Gingrich is a great example of an INSURGENT
leader a la Fidel Castro and Napoleon. However, as a GOVERNING leader
or a CEO/Manager, he is a failure just like Castro and Bonaparte.

Unfortunately in India, at this point we need both leadership that
is inspirational and possessing of sound managerial skills. I wonder:
Would Mr. Clinton be available after January 2001 ? I think he would be, 
especially since we have enough starlets in Bollywood who will make good 

>Vamsi Musunuru has sent in this comment which I though we might just
>consider, if nothing else. Vamsi is not on IPI. I hope he subscribes.
>This is the kind of motivation we need on this forum.
>Subject: American Vision and Commitment....
>    We should urge our political leaders to have the same Commitment 
>Vision to our people.
>    I have been listening to the GOPAC address given by Newt Gingrich.
>He made the following points.  Gentlemen, this is a mouthful and I wish
>Indian Political Leaders will make the same speeches and commitment 
>the Indian People.  If our leaders cannot lead then we are doomed.  The
>following are exact quotes and hence some of them are in first or third
>  1. United States is the only Country capable of World leader.  There
>     is no other country that can manage the worlds finances and
>     diplomacy.  We have to lead the world.
>  2. We must keep our markets open and competitive so that American
>     companies will be able to compete with any country and company
>     around the world.  If we resort to monopolistic/protectionist
>     practices then our companies will not have the experience to
>     compete in a global market.  We want to encourage competition and
>     rivalry so they (US Companies) will be victorious in the world
>     market.
>  3. We need to have the best Education System in the world and that
>     means we must make an absolute commitment to Information 
>     and ensure that we stay on top of it.  This also means that we 
>     give our industry unrestricted space and encouragement for growth
>     and investment.
>  4. We need to improve our defense systems to meet the demands of
>     Modern Warfare.  We cannot rely on some treaty or another to
>     improve our security concerns.  We need to have the biggest and 
>     best Military Force in the world.  What we need most is an 
>     System that will warn and destroy incoming Missle attacks.
>  5. America owes its Sons and Daughters so that in a war it will equip
>     them with the best Hardware so that decisive victory will result
>     with minimum loss of American life.
>    We have a long way to go to ensure that India remains free and
>strong in the Global community.  I hope our leaders will make a
>commitment to that end!
>Vamsi M.
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