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Re: What is it that takes to be a leader?

For those of you unfamiliar with Newt Gingrich I want to put thisinto
perspective. IMO, these are very hollow words in the context of the
facts of the actions of Mr Gingrich. In that sense, we have plenty of
leaders in India who far surpass Gingrich in terms of the mismatch
between rhetoric and action.

Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> Vamsi Musunuru has sent in this comment which I though we might just
> consider, if nothing else. Vamsi is not on IPI. I hope he subscribes.
> This is the kind of motivation we need on this forum.
> Subject: American Vision and Commitment....
>     We should urge our political leaders to have the same Commitment and
> Vision to our people.

> . . . I wish
> Indian Political Leaders will make the same speeches and commitment with
> the Indian People.
>   1. United States is the only Country capable of World leader.  There
>      is no other country that can manage the worlds finances and
>      diplomacy.  We have to lead the world.

The US regularly intervenes in the finances of other countries via theworld
bank, USAID and other agencies forcing currency devaluations
and imposing market regulation- always in terms that benefit US companies
rather than the countries it intervenes in.

>   2. We must keep our markets open and competitive so that American
>      companies will be able to compete with any country and company
>      around the world.  If we resort to monopolistic/protectionist
>      practices then our companies will not have the experience to
>      compete in a global market.  We want to encourage competition and
>      rivalry so they (US Companies) will be victorious in the world
>      market.

The US market is not open so I don't know what he means by "keep our
marketsopen". Over the past 15 years, the US has maintained strong
protection of its domestic market in a large number of areas- autos,
steel, electronics, and textiles to name just a few. At the same time it
has used threats of further trade restrictions to force entry into
regulated markets- one example that comes to mind is cigarettes in
Thailand, Malaysia & Hong Kong.

>     4. We need to improve our defense systems to meet the demands of
>      Modern Warfare.  We cannot rely on some treaty or another to
>      improve our security concerns.  We need to have the biggest and the
>      best Military Force in the world.  What we need most is an advanced
>      System that will warn and destroy incoming Missle attacks.

The term "defense" is used in an Orwellian sense [read: offense,
attack].I can't recall the last time US borders were threatened by
attack from Canada or Mexico but it was over to 150 years ago. The
missile defense/star wars system has been debunked, and recognized for
what it is over 10 uears ago- a huge boondoggle meant to funnel public
money in a way that reinforces the status quo of distribution of wealth.
This has been acknowledged even by "conservative" insiders of the
Reagan/Bush regimes.

>   5. America owes its Sons and Daughters so that in a war it will equip
>      them with the best Hardware so that decisive victory will result
>      with minimum loss of American life.

In the recent military spending bill passed by US congress, was
includeda number hugely expensive of military transport planes [C130's
?]. Over the objections of the US airforce wich did not want the planes
and asked not to be given the planes because it would end up paying out
of its budget to maintain them. But the planes are built in Gingrich's
electoral district and represents the flow of federal tax money to the
district. BTW, Gingrich has made a name for himself advocating "small
government" and "getting government off people's backs". Notably, his
district ranks third in the country terms of inflow of federal tax

> _____________________
>     We have a long way to go to ensure that India remains free and
> strong in the Global community.  I hope our leaders will make a
> commitment to that end!

So do I. I just hope that the Gingrich model is not held up as the ideal.


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