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Re: Can anyone plan this?

dear SS,

I have to thank you for replying to Vinay. When I read his msg, I knew it
would be hard to bridge the gap between what he is seeing and what I see.
Thx for attempting.

He makes statements like the following without giving any rationale:

> South East Asia shows markets to be almost totally irrational.

I think the Asian experience is a very rational response. Pls note that
rational does not mean orderly -- I believe that is where his confusion
lies. I also do not mean to minimize the suffering of the people. But we
human beings have incomplete and imperfect knowledge and we act within
bounded rationality. Dislocations like the Asian crisis are results of that.
Financial markets are like living entities, chaotic and fractal -- just like
your heartbeat. Your heart also does not beat in an orderly manner, until it
is dead. Let markets live.

> Is the market achieving its primary function of making available the
consumables >to all the particiapants ? If it doing this it is a Fair
market, if it is not, then it is not.

Is that really the primary function of the "market"? So can I go and
complain about how I can not buy a Boeing jet?

- manoj

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