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PUBLIC: Re: Vinay's advice

     Dear Azhar
     On this list there are people who define "loyalty" and "goodwill" to 
     India in quite a restrictive way and there are those who define it 
     generously and widely.  Both groups are at liberty to retain their 
     particular definitions.
     However, that is entirely irrelevant to the purpose of IP (which is to 
     determine the best policies for India).
     I'm afraid I get somewhat irritated by our typical Indian insistence 
     on bringing personal issues into the IP conversation.  Whether or not 
     someone has or had (or, not having ever had it, wishes to try to get) 
     Indian nationality has no bearing on the quality of that person's 
     contributions to the debate: the contribution is neither enhanced nor 
     diluted by any of that.
     It is quite possible for a "white", "black" or "yellow" person whose 
     entire ancestry has had nothing to do with India at all (not even ever 
     had an Indian meal!) to help us with identifying one or more 
     particular policies which are good for India today.....
     So please don't get upset with narrow-minded definitions and urgings.
     You must do what you think best for yourself personally - all we can 
     and do ask is that you continue to love India, wish the best for her 
     and do all that you can in terms of debate and practical action to 
     improve things in India.  
     One can sometimes do more for India from abroad than one can do in 
     India.  A sad truth, but a truth nevertheless.
     Professor Prabhu Guptara
     Director, Organisational and Executive Development
     Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre
     (a subsidiary of UBS AG)
     CH-8272 Ermatingen
     Tel: + 41.71.663.5605
     Fax: +41.71.663.5590
     e-mail: prabhu.guptara@ubs.com
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Subject: Re: Vinay's advice
Author:  IamAzhar (IamAzhar@aol.com) at nyuxuu
Date:    09.11.98 18:46

Administrative Note:
Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms 
Hi there,
  Your advice on retaining Indian nationality despite temptations from Green
notes.  I appreciate your suggestion.  However, I suspect your advice as I 
smell suspicion in you about my loyalty to India or Indianness.  
>>Hello Azhar,
>>I don't know for how long you have been in the US but what is so 
>>compelling a reason that you have to change your Citizenship ? 
>>You can work in US, on Green Card without changing Citizen- 
>>After all, change of nationality is not like changing your Shirt. 
>>I know ordinary middle-class people living in foreign countries 
>>who Refuse to change their Indian citizenship. You are certainly 
>>much better qualified to be able to stand up to your employers. 
>>Prof. Guptara's case is an exception as he is very often on the 
>>move but what is your compelling reason ?
>>Do not get beguiled by the Green colour of Dollars - you can make 
>>a lot of money without changing nationality. I know umpteen such 
>>I think, you should give this a serious thought. Here you are
>>holding change of nationality papers in your hand and proclaim that you are 
>>a Proud Indian. I do not think the two go together!
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