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Re: Reply to Azhar : Dual Citizenship.

Mr Azhar wrote :

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Date: 10 November, 1998 2:17 AM
Subject: Re: Reply to Azhar : Dual Citizenship.

>Remotely and implicitly you too are propogating the idea of dual
>aren't you?

Dear Azhar,

"Visa-less travel" and Dual Citizenship are not the same. VLT will
open up the labour market  to all nationalities. If a Bangladeshi,
or Indian or Sri Lankan or Pakistani worker can better his financial
status by working in foreign lands (US, Europe), why deny him the
chance ? Why his Labour is acceptable only in his country where a
multinational company may open up a factory and produce goods for
export back to their own country (Japan is mostly doing this) but is
not acceptable in their own country if he chooses to do so, where he
can earn higher wages ?

I know why this is done  - to gain the advantages of low wage rates
in the Third world in general. But are you not exploiting him then
by restricting his field of employment ?

As I have said in previous postings, let us re-grant citizenship to
people of Indian origin who had to perforce take up another citizen-
ship in the past but the ide of D C does not seem to be sound
because  one can not owe allegiance to two Sovereignties.

It is a matter of principle not suspicion.


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