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What is it that takes to be a leader?

Vamsi Musunuru has sent in this comment which I though we might just
consider, if nothing else. Vamsi is not on IPI. I hope he subscribes.
This is the kind of motivation we need on this forum.

Subject: American Vision and Commitment....

    We should urge our political leaders to have the same Commitment and
Vision to our people.
    I have been listening to the GOPAC address given by Newt Gingrich.
He made the following points.  Gentlemen, this is a mouthful and I wish
Indian Political Leaders will make the same speeches and commitment with
the Indian People.  If our leaders cannot lead then we are doomed.  The
following are exact quotes and hence some of them are in first or third

  1. United States is the only Country capable of World leader.  There
     is no other country that can manage the worlds finances and
     diplomacy.  We have to lead the world.

  2. We must keep our markets open and competitive so that American
     companies will be able to compete with any country and company
     around the world.  If we resort to monopolistic/protectionist
     practices then our companies will not have the experience to
     compete in a global market.  We want to encourage competition and
     rivalry so they (US Companies) will be victorious in the world

  3. We need to have the best Education System in the world and that
     means we must make an absolute commitment to Information Technology
     and ensure that we stay on top of it.  This also means that we must
     give our industry unrestricted space and encouragement for growth
     and investment.

  4. We need to improve our defense systems to meet the demands of
     Modern Warfare.  We cannot rely on some treaty or another to
     improve our security concerns.  We need to have the biggest and the
     best Military Force in the world.  What we need most is an advanced
     System that will warn and destroy incoming Missle attacks.

  5. America owes its Sons and Daughters so that in a war it will equip
     them with the best Hardware so that decisive victory will result
     with minimum loss of American life.

    We have a long way to go to ensure that India remains free and
strong in the Global community.  I hope our leaders will make a
commitment to that end!

Vamsi M.

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