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Re: state/center division of powers, was:Shut down Excise Dept

I had written a msg a while back that IP needs to really hash out this
issue, because this is where India's future lies. We need a model of
governance to take account of the fact that life is lived locally. Money is
power and the more we have to send our taxes to Delhi, the more power we
hand over to Delhi. It should be the other way around. Most of our money
should stay in our locality; some more to the State level, and the least of
all to the Center. We need input from people who are experience in matters
like this.

- manoj

>Manoj Padki wrote:
>> . . .  Let us
>> scrap the current system of sending all money to Delhi & they sending it
>> back in a political & arbitrary fashion. Let us keep as much money local
>> possible, and send money to Delhi only for national tasks. Water,
>> sewage are local tasks & we need to provide them with local money.
>I agree with this point of view.
>This raises the question of division of state and central
>powers/responsibilities. Does anyone have a suggested starting criteria
>for how to divide tasks between state and center- and consequently how
>tax revenue is to be shared between states and center?

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