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Re: Reply to Azhar : Dual Citizenship.

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>> Dear Vinay,

   You wrote:
>> The substance of the second part of your posting seems too good to
>> be true !
>> You are quite off the mark in supposing that millions or billions
>> are made by issuing Visas. Running foreign embassies is stupendously
>> expensive.
>> Even the British are closing their representative offices in, I
>> think, 38 countries to save on expenses. Visa issuing is not a source of
>> profit.
>> So no cost-benefit analysis is required - it is simply a matter of
>> what is best in the country's interest.
>> Visas are imposed to keep a check on the movement of foreign
>> nationals in one's own country.
>> The goal to be achieved ought to be Visa-free travel for all
>> nationalities - the travel Must be monitored closely though i.e. entry
ought not to
>> be denied while supervising their activities to confirm with security
>> Why I say this ? If trade and goods can move freely across the
>> borders of the world, why not human-cargo ?

Remotely and implicitly you too are propogating the idea of dual citizenship,
aren't you?   

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