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Re: Vinay's advice

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

Hi there,
  Your advice on retaining Indian nationality despite temptations from Green
notes.  I appreciate your suggestion.  However, I suspect your advice as I
smell suspicion in you about my loyalty to India or Indianness.  

>>Hello Azhar,

>>I don't know for how long you have been in the US but what is so
>>compelling a reason that you have to change your Citizenship ?
>>You can work in US, on Green Card without changing Citizen-
>>After all, change of nationality is not like changing your Shirt.
>>I know ordinary middle-class people living in foreign countries
>>who Refuse to change their Indian citizenship. You are certainly
>>much better qualified to be able to stand up to your employers.
>>Prof. Guptara's case is an exception as he is very often on the
>>move but what is your compelling reason ?

>>Do not get beguiled by the Green colour of Dollars - you can make
>>a lot of money without changing nationality. I know umpteen such

>>I think, you should give this a serious thought. Here you are
>>holding change of nationality papers in your hand and proclaim that you are
>>a Proud Indian. I do not think the two go together!


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