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Re: Reply to Prabhu Guptara on Dual Citizenship

>Professor Prabhu Guptara wrote:

>>The problem is if a person holding dual-citizenship, happens to
breach the law
>of one country, how do you tackle it ? >
>You tackle it in exactly the same way as other countries which
offer dual
>citizenship tackle it: due process of law, extradition if
>I recognise that you write out of deep feeling, but I wonder if
your feelings
>are caused by bad experinces which would in any way be rememdied by
not having
>dual citizenship?
>In fact, one advantage of dual citizenship is that you can kick the
>OUT!  Which you cannot do if the wrong-doer is the citizen of only
one country.

For every "honest" D-C, there will spring up a dozen whose very
purpose in acquiring such D C is to take umbrage under the
protection offered by  D C.

In Thailand, I find, that foreigners engaged in illegal activity
first take the precaution of arranging for a marriage of convenience
with a local lady. Then they get a certain right of unhampered entry
into the country which they utilize to carry on their anti-social

Prosecuting all cases arising therefrom will further burden our
courts - they say the courts to day can not dispose of the pending
cases even in the next 5-10 years. So what is the hope for an early
resolution of such matter, pending which the culprits enjoy
"liberty" ? : Justice delayed is Justice denied ?

"your feelings......" :  Perhaps you mean, my experiences could have
been remedied by HAVING, D - C. Either way, I have not had any bad
experiences in this way.

Do you mean to say that for having the pleasure of kicking someone
out, we should be granting them D-Cs ? Good one, that ! There is so
little fun these days that one SHOULD think of inventing other ways
to enjoy life a little more. I concur with you !



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