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Guests ?

Charu raised the good point: Are we guests? or are we members? He feels
that many of us might not have contributed out views since we felt it
to be something meant for 'guests' only.

Well, that's a good point. I see how words can mislead. So: how about
calling it at "Comments" book?

If that is OK, I guess Nikhil can make the necessary changes.

Also: I notice Puneet is running out of steam and we must relieve him.
Moderation does drain one's energy quite a bit.

We need someone to step in to moderate. Please write to me and we'll
provide some rest to Puneet. 



(Charu "complemented" me on my 'inspirational rantings and ravings'
regarding the guest book yesterday. I must consider becoming a
professional ranter and raver in that case [read: politician/ godman]!)

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