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Request to people to DO something


I am disappointed by the fact that only six of us have put in our
comments on the IPI guest book so far. This is deplorable. I deplore all
laziness. This is the height of laziness. Lazy, lazy, lazy .... Get up.

Arise and awake. Look around you. Think of the great role that you can
play. Think of how much it means to others, a little appreciation from
you. Not only Nikhil has done a great job by putting out this guest
book, but there have been many, many, who, irrespective of the risk of
losing face at the end of this process, decided that they have to rise
and speak up semi-publicly on IPI. They need you to speak up. 

We have 130 people on IPI today. That is a positive sign of an
ever-increasing demand for the 'services' of IPI. But we have only 6
people who have written something on the guest book. We must have at
least 124 more people who have not written anything on IPI's guest book
so far. Please do not disappoint.

You have to 'own' this concept of open debate and reason. Else we are
going to increase the drift into frustration and cynicism that is
overcoming everyone in India. If you have a better alternative to IPI to
work out a bunch of solutions for India, please propose it, else, simply
start praising IPI each day to everyone that you meet. That much you can
do, surely.

Now, what you are required to DO:

1. Move your body a bit. Go to the computer (actually, since you are
logged on already, all you need it to open Netscape or IE). Click on a

2. Open www.indiapolicy.org

3. Click once again on the mouse, on the guest book section. It won't
take more than 1/2 a calorie to click on the mouse.

4. WRITE. Write something. Say a word of appreciation, and what you hope
this will achieve for India. You have a dream and some hopes for India.
That is why you are here. Now SPEAK UP. 

else ...

	else I will launch my EM-16 intercontintal ballistic e-mail
	which will torpedo your screen and blow it up into various colors.



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