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Re: PUBLIC: Re: dual citizenship

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Hello Azhar,

I don't know for how long you have been in the US but what is so
compelling a reason that you have to change your Citizenship ?
You can work in US, on Green Card without changing Citizen-
After all, change of nationality is not like changing your Shirt.
I know ordinary middle-class people living in foreign countries
who Refuse to change their Indian citizenship. You are certainly
much better qualified to be able to stand up to your employers.
Prof. Guptara's case is an exception as he is very often on the
move but what is your compelling reason ?

Do not get beguiled by the Green colour of Dollars - you can make
a lot of money without changing nationality. I know umpteen such

I think, you should give this a serious thought. Here you are
change of nationality papers in your hand and proclaim that you are
a Proud Indian. I do not think the two go together!


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