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WTO and Socialism

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

> >> >As for western nations, i do not think they
> >> >deliberately want to destabilise other economies.
> >> >they just want to make a profit and in the
> >> >end up destabilising these economies. if these
> >> >economies gave up socialism, they would learn to
> >> >withstand the onslaught.
> >> ***************************************
> >> 
> >> What you are saying is tantamount to saying,
> >elephants may walk
> >> anywhere : it is the business of small ants
> >> to get out of the way.
> >> 

What I'm saying is that elephants better start 
behaving like elephants and not like ants.

> >> I do agree to some extent with this. The only
> >I want the
> >> elephants to observe is that they should not
> >> into MY HOUSE under the guise of WTO and all that.

But WTO is good for India! Of the 12 cases India has 
been involved, the ruling went in its favour in all 12.
The most recent was around 10 days back which involved
the export of shrimps from India, Malaysia, Thailand
and another country which slips my mind. US lost even 
in the 4 cases it initiated. Why do we cry hoarse about
WTO? I think we are generally prejudiced and suspicious
of whatever the West does. They are not evil people
scheming to kill all third world citizens. We should
look at them as humans too. The other aspect of WTO 
which generates heat is intellectual property rights.
That is fair to me. Why should we as a nation advocate

> >> 
> >> The picture of prosperity the western world is
> >flashing in front of
> >> the eyes of the Third world is nothing but a
> >Mirage. The prosperity
> >> of the West has been achieved by Plundering the
> >resources of the
> >> world: the US population is 6% of the world pop.
> >but it uses 60 % of

It doesn't do this by plundering but by business. 
True, they plundered in the past but now whatever
wealth they have is the result of better policy than
other countries. Look at the Human Development Index
of the UN. First come the capitalist countries and
then come the socialist and dictatorial regimes.

> >> the resources. It corners the greatest part of
> >available Funds by
> >> seeming to offer security for your money : it is
> >the Greatest debtor
> >> nation in the world - Will you advance loan to a
> >bankrupt ? But such
> >> is the magic of opinion-building - managed thru'
> >newspapers,
> >> magazines, Govt lectures and other means that we
> >think it is the
> >> Richest country in the world. When it did not have
> >enough gold to
> >> pay in exchange for the dollars printed by it
> >standard), it
> >> simply "defaulted" i.e. declared that it would no
> >more exchange its
> >> dollars for gold, which was an obligation under
> >gold-standard ! Such

Gold is useless. We have enough food and water. So why
are we whining? We should create wealth by putting in
effort. Apart from food and water, there is nothing 
else we can blame nature. So we end up blaming the
west! why do we have an excuse for each and every
shortcoming? Open up the economy and see the talent

> >> is the magic of of paper-shuffling. This is a Game
> >very few
> >> understand : one of them is yours truly ! And I
> >frankly say, there
> >> is only one way to Get back the money they have
> >stolen from the
> >> world - you have to learn the game they play and
> >play it better than
> >> them. Then and then alone you can survive in the
> >Financial world
> >> which is at the root of all other games.
> >> 
> >> Even if you adopt Capitalist system, they will
> >you Poor - like
> >> janitors in palatial buildings or ghetto-dwellers
> >in today's US.

Nobody keeps you poor. Your condition is your own 
fault. Don't blame the west for it. I do not care what
happened 50 years back. I care for the present. We have
the potential to be an economic powerhouse and instead
we languish as a poor nation, all thanks to adopting
socialism. Why do you not allow industries to thrive?
As for foreign industries, they should be welcomed too.

> >> There was a piece by Prof Guptara about 1%
> >owning 40%
> >> wealth in US and 70% population owning no net
> >wealth. The economic
> >> history is same throughout the world.

I do not care how much wealth another person has. I 
want MY quality of life to improve. Are you saying
you want the west to have less wealth even if it means
greater suffering for you? You may own 99% of the
wealth but the 1% I have may keep me comfortable
and happy. you could own 50% and I could own another
50% with the entire human population living in 
squalid conditions. Percentage does not matter. What
matters is what I have. 
> >> 
> >> Now, what says, You ?
> >> 
> >> Cheers !
> >> 
> >> Vinay


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