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Admn: clarification on mechanism of moderation

Vinay has raised a point that he and some newer members need to be
apprised of: the question of 'BOUNCE' messages.

Vinay said, "When, this morning, I received The Bounce from my good
friend, Puneet, I was somewhat staggered"

Dear Vinay, please do not take this personally. Let me explain this for
all (including the new members who might not have yet experienced this):
this is not Puneet's or anyone else's fault. If the moderator is going
to 'withhold' your message from IPI, he will tell you why, in detail, by
sending you a regular e-mail That is not what happened in this case.

On the other hand, the BOUNCE blah blah message sometimes goes off on
its own due to the Majordomo software's idiosyncracies. There are some
words if used in a person's message (such as the word, 'subscribe') can
trigger an automatic BOUNCE message from Majordomo, the mailing list
software on which IndiaPolicy is running.  I would urge all members to
appreciate that those of us who started off this effort are still
learning this email software, and often we are ourselves surprised by
how it behaves.

Hence: there was no attempt to "stagger" you. Apologies for any
inconvenience caused by some unintentional misbehavior of Majordomo.


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