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Re: Reply to Prabhu Guptara on Dual Citizenship

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>The problem is if a person holding dual-citizenship, happens to breach the law 
of one country, how do you tackle it ? >

You tackle it in exactly the same way as other countries which offer dual 
citizenship tackle it: due process of law, extradition if necessary.  

I recognise that you write out of deep feeling, but I wonder if your feelings 
are caused by bad experinces which would in any way be rememdied by not having 
dual citizenship?  

In fact, one advantage of dual citizenship is that you can kick the wrong-doer 
OUT!  Which you cannot do if the wrong-doer is the citizen of only one country.

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Subject: Reply to Prabhu Guptara on Dual Citizenship
Author:  vinay (vinay@asiaaccess.net.th) at nyuxuu
Date:    03.11.98 18:02

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