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Re: Reply to Prabhu Guptara on Dual Citizenship

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Dear Manoj,

There seems to be some confusion. As the Moderator had informed
me this message was not supposed to be on the Web.

the use of third person address changed the "tone" of the piece.

TO CORRECT WRONG IMPRESSIONS, I had reworked the same
message and sent in the same a while back. In fact I had added
some things to it.

But to save time, you have quoted from the old posting, thus
nullifying your own earler message to me.


>You make several assertions like the following without giving any
>It may be obvious to you, but it is not to me. Pls enlighten me.
>>First of all, impementing the dual-citizenship provision
selectively will be nearly impossible - it is either for all or for

This referred to the setting up of criteria to find out who
"needed or deserved" D-C.

As you know, this will never stand up in either Parliament or
any Court of Law so can not be enacted. What I mean is
grant of D-C to "some" citizens has no chance of passing,
since most interested persons would want it to be a
"blanket" provision applicable to all. Moreover, there are
the Courts to contend with, in case of unequal laws.

The other "nefarious activities" reference was to Smugglers,
drug-pedlers and others of the ilk. By differentiating these
from the rest I was "defending" and warning "the straight guys"
from making life easier for the other category people : every one
of these will obtain D-C by hook or crook once it is accepted
in principle.

This is not the place to be too explicit  : if you want to know
more get in touch with the Customs authorities, IPS officers
and others who expose their lives to danger every day to defend
the blissfully unaware populace of our great country India.

If you will please send in what other things you have not
understood, I shall thank you and clarify the same.

But it will be better if you quote from the newer version - no
material change has been made in the content - merely the
language used a different form of address.



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