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Reply to Azhar : Dual Citizenship.

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Dear Azhar,

You wrote, " .  Israel and pakistan does that.  Needless to mention,
Israel's PM is a citizen of the US.

This means we are speaking millions, perhaps billions, of
dollars of loss each fiscal year.  However, is this loss more/less
than the
benefits India would generate by having a dual citizenship policy
good research and cost/benefit analysis. "

The first part of your posting I have already answered in my
previous posting
on this same subject in reply to Prabhu Guptara.

The substance of the second part of your posting seems too good to
true !
You are quite off the mark in supposing that millions or billions
are made
by issuing Visas. Running foreign embassies is stupendously
Even the British are closing their representative offices in, I
think, 38
countries to save on expenses. Visa issuing is not a source of
So no cost-benefit analysis is required - it is simply a matter of
what is
best in the country's interest.

Visas are imposed to keep a check on the movement of foreign
in one's own country.

The goal to be achieved ought to be Visa-free travel for all
nationalities -
the travel Must be monitored closely though i.e. entry ought not to
denied while supervising their activities to confirm with security

Why I say this ? If trade and goods can move freely across the
of the world, why not human-cargo ?


I am Vinay .

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