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Forwarding Vinay's comment:

Recieved Vinay's nice comments . Thought I must put them up to IPI
before Puneet does (that Intel man is probably eating chips at this
moment!) (PS: Vinay sent copy of his mail to both of us). Thanks, Vinay!
I do think that we are all essentially very nice folk (ahem!)  who have
assembled here and do not mean any disregard towards anyone. Sure: you
have the right to dispute the question of dual citizenship or anything
else.  That is why we are here: to dispute, till we grind down each
dispute into agreement through mutual understanding! SS


Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:12:23 +0800
From: Vinay Chandekar <vinay@asiaaccess.net.th>

Dear Puneet,

Sometimes I am not able to navigate thru' the minefield of debate !
The immediacy demanded by this, sometimes allows un-palata-
ble words to escape. I have not the least doubt that had the word
"professorial" been replaced by the word "good-hearted", it would
have become more palatable. I used the P-word, as the topic was
initiated by him (I hope so !).

This is an important topic and correct stance should be taken.

Whatever I write is without MALICE. 



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