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Re: Reply to Prabhu Guptara on Dual Citizenship

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Dear Vinay,

You make several assertions like the following without giving any reasons.
It may be obvious to you, but it is not to me. Pls enlighten me.


>First of all, impementing the dual-citizenship provision selectively
>be nearly impossible - it is either for all or for none.

Dear Vinay,

IP is a voluntary forum for exchanging ideas and building a unified vision
for a better India. As such, I have to take exception to the broad-brush ad
hominem remarks such as the following. This generates unnecessary ill-will
and is very unproductive. Please be nice; it will not hamper you from
expressing your views.


>The problem lies with professorial-type people such as you who lead
>a sheltered life in the marble edifices of academia and do not know
>street-wise means. You can never imagine that  there are people who
>will stoop to any depth and commit any crime to achieve their
>ends. In fact, it is the good-hearted ignorance of people such as
>you that
>is behind many "wet" ideas such as human rights etc which seek to
>the guilty the full protection of law while ignoring the sufferings
>of the injured

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