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Re: PUBLIC: Re: dual citizenship

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 Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms
 Prof. Guptara wrote:
>>  But I will be pleased to have my ignorance of the practical 
>>  disadvantages of such a policy revealed to me by other IP members.
Dear Professor Guptara,
  I accede with most of your opinions on dual citizenship.   Also I support
the idea of India providing one to all people of Indian origin, at least the
first generation.  Israel and pakistan does that.  Needless to mention,
Israel's PM is a citizen of the US.
  Anyway, getting back to the point of any disadvantages that India might
incur by such a policy is loss of revenue that would have generated from
issuance of visas to those who wishes to travel to India and does not hold an
Indian passport.  This means we are speaking millions, perhaps billions, of
dollars of loss each fiscal year.  However, is this loss more/less than the
benefits India would generate by having a dual citizenship policy requires
good research and cost/benefit analysis.  


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