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Re: indians & citizenship

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

I second these points made by Charu, and I would like to see them
incorporated into the founding document.

- manoj

>Getting back to the point of foreign policy, I believe Prabhu suggested
>foregn policy should include some kind of position towards expatriate
>Indians/NRIs/PoIOs and I agree. The motivation for such a position is that
>expatriate Indians represent a huge pool of potential friends of Indian
>interests and to ignore the potential benefits of their interest in India,
>their willingness to lobby, invest, donate aid, and otherwise keep the rest
>the world aware of India is short sighted.
>The outcome of this discussion I'd like to see is some policy statement in
>foregn policy section that facilitates tapping the potential contribution
>can [and want to] make to India. What arguments are there, for and against?

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