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PUBLIC: Re: dual citizenship

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I have never understood why India does not offer dual citizenship. 
     What precisely is the disadvantage to the country in offering this to 
     people who fit certain criteria (which we can of course discuss and 
     The rights and responsibilities of people who hold dual nationality, 
     by the way (in all countries which I am aware allow this) are exactly 
     the same as those who hold only a single nationality.  In other words, 
     both countries treat the person who holds dual nationality in exactly 
     the same way as they treat people who hold only one nationality.
     For discussion, then: what possible criteria could we suggest to 
     define who ought and who ought not to be eligible for dual citizenship 
     with India?
     Criteria could be as tough as only first-generation children of people 
     of Indian origin (these being defined as people who at any time 
     carried Indian passports) or as loose as anyone who wishes to acquire 
     Indian citizenship - EXcluding people who hold or have held Pakistani, 
     Bangladeshi, Chinese, Nepalese, or Burmese nationality (for reasons to 
     do with national security at present- though it may be that as time 
     goes on we come to a climate with these countries in which reciprocal 
     dual citizenship could be permissible).
     In principle, I cannot see any disadvantage in admitting other people 
     to Indian nationality (dual citizenship) if they wish, including 
     white-skinned Jewish women who happen to be married to the President 
     of Guyana. 
     I realise that, for all sorts of emotional reasons, such a course of 
     action might be opposed and, while I sympathise with such emotional 
     reasons, I don't think we should allow our examination of this issue 
     to be too clouded by such reasons.
     But I will be pleased to have my ignorance of the practical 
     disadvantages of such a policy revealed to me by other IP members.
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Subject: Re: indians & citizenship
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