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Re: IP-foreign policy-Rohit Shukla-10.27.98-1647

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Week's Agenda: Political & administrative reforms

I agree with Prabhu that it is of important that what you plan to get 
and what you get. I think, in contemporary times, developed countries 
have mutidimensional approach for tackeling the issue that they face. 
Their investment is not only mean to draw maximum profit out of their 
investment, but to conserve their resources for use in the future. When 
they invest, they aim not only utilising cheap labour but also the raw 
material that they get in developing countries. By this way they are 
able to conserve their natural resources and offer comodities at a lower 
price that common masses of their countries can afford easily. Countries 
and their Government legislate in such a way that the interests of their 
citizens and the corporation do not turn antagonistic to each other. I 
think this is what we have to understand, and act accordingly.

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