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Hold it!

Dear Vipin,

Please hold on to your posts for a second. Have you gone through the basic
objectives of this list, the Rules of debate, etc.? If not please do that,
first. Given everyone's time constraints, nobody will be obliged to
respond to a (a) general complaint (b)  request to visit a bunch of web
sites, etc. 

We are not interested in anything here which distracts from the purpose of
writing a Manifesto. If you have a point/para you want to introduce,
please feel free to propose it and to let there be a debate on it. Please
spend some time doing homework on what you want to introduce in the
Manifesto, and that shall be gladly considered. 

Thanks for your cooperation in not cluttering up this list with general
posts. There are many other suitable forums for such things, I am sure. 

And welcome to this list!