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Singapore, RE: Sanjeev's and Sitaramayya's mail

>Correction. THERE IS A SMALL INTELLIGENT GOVERMENT......Singapore. Come
>Singapore and ask any man on the street and he or she will tell you the
>tremendous good the government has done for the people. A minuscule
>with 8 times the foreign reserves of India.........By the way,
Singapore is
>a thoroughly capitalist

Just curious Rozario, How do quantify Singapore's government as small?

Singapore is a small country, so it would be incorrect to make this
quantification based on total number (if that's how you concluded this)
of people employed by the government. What percentage of the population
is employed by the government, and by comparison, what is that number
for India (maybe some ex-public officials know the Indian number)?

I ask this in the context of anecdotes indicating that Singapore is a
very regulated society- people are arrested and fined for littering,
jay-walking, or failing to flush public toilets. I'm not saying that's
bad, but I would imagine that it takes a lot of government machinery to
enforce these laws. I also recall a news report on how the government,
concerned about the falling birthrate among the middle class, mounted
huge advertising campaigns exhorting middle class men & women to breed
early and often (probably not in those exact words ;-), and even set up
match-making services. Not necessarily bad but hardly fitting many
people's definition of "small government".

A possible conclusion, that I think we ought to debate, is that a
significant factor contributing to a government's effectiveness is the
size of the state governed (e.g. Singapore). If you accept this
assumption, this is a strong argument for breaking India up into states
of manageable sizes each with a great deal of autonomy with control over
its own tax collections and natural resources. I'm aware that this
debate is not new- re-organization of states as a federation- but I
think it should receive our attention and analysis.