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Re: The Eight Traits of Highly Successful Public Officials

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Ari Sitaramayya wrote:

  Democracy did
> improve in the next 1000 years. They still talk in the assemblies and
> parliaments about protecting what the upper class citizens got, but the
> language is somewhat different.

Dear Sitaramayya,

Do you wish to dismiss democracy as a fundamental precept? Of course not. 
Then what is the purpose of raising this? What line in the Manifesto/
Agenda would you like us to change? If you find something specifically
wrong with today's democracy in India, please furnish the points, one by
one. We are looking for many such issues, and in fact, there are many such
issues already in the Manifesto/ Agenda. 

> Now, let us talk about Capitalism. In the most capitalist country in the
> world, the USA, guess which are the most sacred cows! Social security,
> medicare, and medicaid. Do any of these have anything to do with
> capitalism? Not a bit. They have more to do with socialism than
> capitalism. 

This has been discussed at length earlier. I really don't think one has
the energy to re-write the whole debates. If you search the archives,
you'll find abundant material on this. It appears to me that we need to
write down a FAQ about basic issues. Anyone willing to put in the effort?