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Re: The Eight Traits of Highly Successful Public Officials

I would like you to think about these lines from your document: 

That communism and socialism are defective in their fundamental
understanding of human motivation and incentives and hence
people have to be persuaded to throw these fake theories of Marx and his
failed cronies, out of India. Even Germany and Britain (nations
associated with Marx) cared not for this fake intellectualism of Marx.
They why do some of us run futilely down a blind alleyway which has
brought ruin to each peoples who embraced these theories? 

That "pure" capitalism cannot exist and what can be made to
exist is not "perfect." There is a role for government not only in the
basic tasks of governance, but in economic activity. But that role is
very, very small. There is much to be said in favour of an intelligent,
small government, applying strong economic incentives to get the best
results out of the people. 

May I say that these lines are written by folks who can't see beyond their
noses. Let me explain: 

After nearly 1200 years of experimentation with democracy, a Greek
philosopher in the 10th century, Knowitallus Loudmouthus, wrote that
democracy is a wasteful nonsense. What is the point of endless talk by a
bunch of wealthy nobles appointed by the monarch? He can get rid of them
any time he wants and replace them with another bunch! All they do all day
is talk about protecting their wealth, getting more slaves, robbing
another country and stuff like that anyway. Guess what? Democracy did
improve in the next 1000 years. They still talk in the assemblies and
parliaments about protecting what the upper class citizens got, but the
language is somewhat different.

Now, let us talk about Capitalism. In the most capitalist country in the
world, the USA, guess which are the most sacred cows! Social security,
medicare, and medicaid. Do any of these have anything to do with
capitalism? Not a bit. They have more to do with socialism than
capitalism. What are they doing here then? They provide some stability to
the society which, without them, will be ravaged by capitalism. 

Now, let us talk about socialism. It has been attempted for less than 100
years. Miserable failure so far. But, in another 2000 years who knows what
it would be like! But we don't have to wait that long. Those of you who
can only think of USA and Soviet Union as representative societies of two
ideologies lose out the lessons of the rest of the world! Look at the
scandinavian countries. They have successfully incorporated elements of
socialism and capitalism into a smooth working society. The average
person's life is much more stable. The differences in the lifestyles of
people are meager. They have proven that it is not necessary to have a
middle class and a lower class in a society. You will counter with
examples of Swedes who live elsewhere when they make a ton of money. For
every one of them, there are dozens who would like to become citizens of
Sweden or Denmark. 

My point: Study the lessons of the liberalization in India for the last 10
years carefully. What happened? The bottom line is that the middle class
numbers increased. They are more prosperous. The lower class numbers also
increased. Their lives are much worse than they have ever been. And
finally, liberalization created more poverty in the villages than ever
before. That is what unregulated capitalism gives you. Do you want more of
that? Till it trickles down to others!

Since you have chosen to debate rather than participate actively in the
society, think of how you can raise the standards of living in the
villages. The globalization mantra you have all been sold on is designed
to sell western goods to third world markets, not to bring prosperity to
them. If these policies go on for another decade or so, there will be
deeper structural problems in Indian society between haves and have nots. 
Prosperity of a few in the midst of poverty of many cannot be sustained.
The only institution whose job it is to look after the interests of the
majority of the people is the govt, since it represents the majority of
the people. 

Please don't tell me about school book capitalist philosophy. Don't waste
your time writing about trickle down economy either. Write to me only if
you have specific plans on how you can raise the living standards of the

Your language on the Intelligent Small Government, I am sorry, but it
makes me laugh. If you want an effective government, it has to be staffed. 
While the Americans want a small govt, they also demand that USDA
send inspectors all over the world to make sure that imported fruit
and vegetables are clean and safe. Guess what. It needs more staff. The
same goes for every activity of the govt.

Sitaramayya Ari.