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Re: Sub-groups, anyone?


I will suggest that we put some structure in debate. May be we just start with one topic and discuss that for two weeks. Otherwise we will just go back to the concept of capitalism vs. sociallism every time we do have a new member in the debate. The idea of breaking in the sub-groups when you hardly have 5-8 people participatipating at this stage may be early.

I would suggest to talk about reform at the lowest level, Like a Panchayat. Lets study how does panchayat works and try to bring new ideas to strengthen role of Panchayat in local decision making. Similarly role of maunicipality non-functioning is another step on the same issue.



On Mon, 25 May 1998, Antony Joseph wrote:
>> c) As this discussion evolves, what is stopping us from spinning out a
>> sub-group which  tackles implementation issues?
>Dear folks, 
>As Antony pointed out, we need to start spinning out into sub-groups
>which go into details of various topics. Well before "implementation" -
>which is a long, long way off (I can assure you!), we need to understand
>and agree upon much more detail. To be able to persuade others, we need to
>be able to frame detailed policy frameworks on various topics which have
>then to be reconciled with the overall direction. 
>When people in the villages ask about details of how these policies will
>affect them, one has to have a complete understanding of what is implied. 
>That needs the interested participants in this list to put in extra work,
>extra hours, to think and write 2-3 page notes on various topics (point
>wise, wherever possible). 
>I think we all have reason to be very pleased with the increasing
>participation and debate. It shows that more people are willing to get out
>of their shell of either:
>	a) "I know everything"
>	b) "Nothing can be done about India"
>   or	c) "I am too busy"
>into a more positive approach of :
>	a) "I need to challege my ideas"
>	b) "Hey! Maybe we can do something, if we work together!"
>and 	c) "The change we want will not come about easily. So 
>	    I need to put in at least some extra work into this."
>I have added the following names to the India_Policy Web page:
>Antony Joseph
>John Rozario
>Sitaramayya Ari
>Srinivas Rao
>If any of you have objections to your name being displayed, please let me
>know. Once again, the same request as before: Please send over some info
>on yourself, and if possible a scanned image - so that people on this list
>could know each other better. 

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